Music Used In UK TV Car Commercials

This is an ongoing analysis of the music used in UK TV commercials during 2016.

Maker Model Song Title Source Song Type Song Style Link
BMW X1 The Wave Highscore Publishing Composer New Classical Watch
Honda CR-V Keep Up Wah Wah Composer Electronic Watch
Honda Honda Jazz Tribute To Morricone Wake The Town Composer Acoustic Watch
Fiat Fiat 500 Sunshine Tieks Ft Dan Harkna Original Artist Electronic Watch
Hyundai Tuscon Gf Hyundai Tucson Guilt Free Composer New Classical Watch
Ford Kuga Into The Wild You Guys Composer Acoustic Watch
Chrysler Renegade Renegades X Ambassadors Original Artist Alt-Indie Watch

Of the 6, four were composed for the commercial. They’re all instrumental and fit into the ‘Neo-Classical’ / Electronic genres.

Style : Adventurous / Dramatic.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Genre: New-Classical / Electronic

Mood: Positive / Anthemic / Confident

Why this music works: Car buying is a major purchase for most people so the music must instill a feeling of confidence and positivity in the brand while still giving a sense of playfulness and fun (especially true for smaller cars). Car brands often want to accentuate the feeling of Individuality and will use music to provide a sense of style, while still being rooted in trust and dependability. Due to the International nature of the advertising instrumentals are often the preferred option unless the song lyrics back up the campaign or name of the car, e.g. ‘Renegade’ used for the Chrysler Renegade.