Working For You

We constantly work to get the details right, including your registrations, submitting claims, working with PRO’s and maximising your royalties.

Your Works

We never ‘own’ your works or take your copyright. Our deals are short term and flexible so we create a true partnership built on trust.

Publishing That Works

At it’s heart, music publishing is simple: paying attention to every detail & leaving no penny unclaimed. We work with you to make it as easy, and as profitable, as possible.


We work with songwriters who are predominantly focused on writing music for commercials, TV and film. The simple version:

  • We register music with PRO’s and ensure the details are correct.
  • We use data sources to check how many times the music is played.
  • We work with collecting societies to submit claims.
  • We pass the maximum amount of royalties back to the composer.
  • We use technology to provide full transparency.

Our overall mission is to make music publishing work for you.

Admin & Sub-Publishing

For all our partners we offer both admin and sub-publishing deals, enabling existing publishers or International clients to take advantage of our expertise. We offer fully transparent accounts, open communications and regular reports.



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